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Hydrocarbon Systems and Production in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Hydrocarbon Systems and Production in the Uinta Basin, Utah
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Edited by: M. W. Longman and C. D. Morgan

This publication focuses entirely on the hydrocarbon resources of the Uinta Basin. The collection of papers cover the diverse topics associated with the hydrocarbon resources. Listed below are the papers found in this symposium.

Book Mountains - Book Cliffs: Historical Observations, 1853-1875, by W. L Chenoweth

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Jurassic Curtis, Summerville, and Stump Formations, Eastern Utah and Northwest Colorado, by W. T. Wilcox and B. S. Currie

Outcrop-to-Subsurface Correlation of the Cretaceous Cedar Mountain and Dakota Formations, Southern Uinta Basin, by M. L. McPherson, B. S. Currie, J. P. Dark, and J. S. Pierson

Fluvial Channel Architure of the Albian-Cenomanian Dakota Formation, Southern Uinta Basin, by B. S. Currie, J. P. Dark, M. L. McPherson, and J. S. Pierson

Characterization of Fluvial Sand Bodies in the Neslen and Lower Farrer Formations (Upper Cretaceous), Lower Sego Canyon, Utah, by R. D. Cole

Fluvial Sandbody Geometry and Connectivity in the Middle Green River Formation, Nine Mile Canyon, Southwestern Uinta Basin, by D. G. Keighley and S. S. Flint

Chemostratigraphy in the Middle Member of the Green River Formation, Central Nine Mile Canyon, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah, by T. Pearce, D. Keighley, T. Morgan, and S. Flint

A Practical Petrophysical Approach to Interpreting the Green River Formation in the Central Uinta Basin, Utah, by P. Lipinski

Gas-Filled Jurassic Entrada Erg Sandstones at Flat Rock Field, Uintah County, Utah, by J. Dyer and D. Donoho

Structural, Stratigraphic, and Diagenetic Controls on Dakota Formation Gas Production in the Greater San Arroyo Gas Field, Utah, by J. P. Dark, B. S. Currie, M. L. McPherson, J. F. Rakovan, and T. A. Marchlewski

“Window” Outcrop Analogues for Greater Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah, by H. White, R. Cole, S. Stancel, C. Lee, and L. MacMillan

Controls on Gas Production along the Southern Flank of Greater Natural Buttes Field: A Case Study of the Love Area, Uinta Basin, Utah, by S. G. Stancel, J. J. Cuzella, L. MacMillan, and A. Ragas

Reservoir Characterization and Development of the Wasatch Formation in the Hanging Rock Area, Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah, by J. E. Estes-Jackson, S. W. Shefte, and S. G. Siguaw

Petroleum Geology of the Brundage Canyon Oil Field, Southern Tertiary Oil Trend, Uinta Basin , by B. S. Kelso and J. L. Ehrenzeller

Greater Monument Butte Oil Field: Infill Drilling Results and Potential CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery, by C. D Morgan

Soldier Creek Coalbed Methane Pilot Project, Carbon County, Utah, by P. Anderson

Distribution, Amount, and Maturity of Coal Resources of most of the Sego Coalfield, Utah, by D. E. Tabet, J. C. Quick, and B. P. Hucka

Gilsonite Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah, by T. Boden and B. T Tripp

Sediment-Hosted Polymetallic Mineralization in the Uinta Basin, Duchesne and Uintah Counties, Utah, by G. R. Conn and K. Krahulec

Outcrop Analogs to Source and Reservoir Rocks of the Uinta Basin, by R. Ressetar, Compiler

Other Information:
Published: 2008
Pages: 468 p.
Location: Carbon County, Duchesne County, Emery County, Grand County, Uintah County, Utah County, and Wasatch County
Media Type: CD-ROM Publication

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