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Mini Dinosaurs Tattoos

Mini Dinosaurs Tattoos
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By: Jan Sovak

Dinosaur fans of all ages will thrill to see these vivid images of all their favorite dinosaurs in a dozen full-color mini tattoos. Painstakingly rendered by nature artist Jan Sovak, images include huge carnivores like tyrannosaurus rex and albertosaurus, gigantic herbivores like apatosaurus and steogosaurus, and eight more ancient reptiles.

These easily applied temporary tattoos will add flash and excitement to arms, legs, face and other body parts. Because they're small they can be grouped together for added effect. Tattoo lovers can face them off against each other on arms and legs, or parade a herd of them across shoulders or back. Instructions for safe and easy application and removal are included.

Other Information:
Published: 1999
Pages: 12 Tattoos

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