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Digital geological resources atlas of Utah

Digital geological resources atlas of Utah
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By: D. A. Sprinkel, compiler

This digital atlas is a compilation of selected geologic resources spatial data and geographic spatial data in Utah. This atlas provides the energy and mineral-related spatial data files that are currently available through the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) and other government agencies. It also illustrates the distribution of these geologic resources in each of Utah’s 30 x 60-minute quadrangle maps. The information in this digital atlas can help industry, decision-makers, and other interested parties identify exploration trends and understand energy, mineral, and water development as it relates to land-use issues. Although a comprehensive resource assessment is necessary to fully evaluate the geologic resources or land-use conflicts of an area, reviewing the data in an atlas like this is the first step in any comprehensive resource evaluation.

Several Geographic Information Systems (GIS) themes, or map layers, were compiled for this digital atlas. More than 600 megabytes of spatial data are included on this compact disk. Basic geographic spatial data such as roads, airports, and cities were provided by the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center, Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, and U.S. Census Bureau. The geologic spatial data include energy and mineral resources as well as water-rights information. Geologic-based spatial data are mostly from the database files of the UGS (a division of the Utah Department of Natural Resources) and some files of the Utah State Office of the Bureau of Land Management. The water-rights spatial data are from the Utah Division of Water Rights. With the exception of the roads theme, only geologic spatial data are briefly described in this report. The UGS continues to work on the geologic databases and intends to release updated versions in future publications.

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Published: 1999
Location: Utah
Media Type: CD-ROM Publication
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